Music you love, wherever you go

Use the Rockbot App to personalize your music experience and enjoy your favorite songs anytime, anywhere.

Screenshots of the Rockbot Request app interface

Rock your world

Download the Rockbot App and play your favorite music at thousands of gyms, bars, restaurants, and other venues.

  • Request music

    Explore the music selection at your local venue and request your favorite songs wherever you go.

  • Hear more of what you love

    Vote for your favorite songs and sync with Spotify. We’ll add your jams to the queue when you visit a Rockbot venue.

  • Arrive to your favorite song with Rockbot Anthem™

    Using location services Rockbot Anthem™ will greet you with your favorite track when you enter an enabled business.

  • Share the fun

    Let everyone know you’re rockin’ out at your local venue by sharing to Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook.